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  • Are you ready to become deeper in love with your spouse or life partner?
  • Are you interested in learning new skills that will make your relationship come alive again?
  • Is your relationship in trouble and you want to make changes to stay together?
  • Did someone in your relationship bring up separation or, even worse, divorce?
  • Have you met your right partner and would like to know if you are both compatible and ready for marriage?
  • Is your relationship struggling after an affair?
Couples Creating Sacred Space
    Are you looking for a way to build a loving relationship, like the one you had when you first fell in love?
Sacred Union and lasting love requires investment of time and enhanced skills.
Learn the secrets to lasting relationships by providing the essential ingredients for loving
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It's So Easy to Add Relationship Coaching to a Busy Schedule
     Too busy to come in?  How about telephone sessions?  Did you know that I offer telephone sessions for Relationship Coaching?  It is easy and fun!  You don't have to leave your office or even your home. 
Relationship Repair
    Couples or individuals who are struggling with relationship problems and experiencing anxiety, depression, sadness, worry or other feelings need the special care which counseling offers.  I am an experienced psychotherapist skilled in marital and couples therapy.  I can help by evaluating your needs as a couple.  If you are single and suffering with a break-up or want individual help with your relationship, I can help with that too.  If you are looking for help in repairing your relationship please read more about this at couples.  
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Premarital Counseling
Relationship Repair
Sacred Union Marriage/Committed Couples Training
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