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Spiritual Seeker
LeAnn O'Neal Berber, M.A., LMFT, Marriage Counselor, Couples Counselor, El Dorado Hills Counseling, Psychotherapist, Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Counseling, Therapist
     Spiritual and Religious beliefs bring hope and encouragement.  Your desire to explore your beliefs and find comfort in understanding yourself more deeply will bring a sense of completeness.  Spiritual Seekers are naturally drawn to find their wholeness and their sense of purpose.
    Do you feel great when you are at a spiritual retreat or class and as soon as you leave and return to your routines in your own life the uneasiness sets in?  The peace and comfort felt while meditating or praying was almost fleeting.  Your sense of completeness and at ease with yourself does not have to fade into the background. 
      Have you wondered if you will ever know enough or have the discipline to be as skilled and as knowledgeable as you believe 'those spiritual or religious teachers' are?  Becoming aware of those old outdated programming from your past and learning to 'let go' can bring feelings of wholeness and calm.  Your purpose and life path become clearer as you allow your true essence to come forward and guide you in life's experiences. 
     It would be an honor to assist you in discovering your inner compass and groundedness. I will assist you in opening to your intuition, transforming your core values into action, and answering your true inner calling… instead of simply settling with the way life seems to be.
     In the years I have been assisting people on their journey to wholeness, using lifelong research, workshops and many sources of teachings, I use more than just the medical model of counseling which is focused on something being wrong with them.  Along the lines of what is now referred to as 'Life Coaching' or "Mentoring', I assist clients who are functioning in many areas of their life but want to explore ways to expand their lives and know themselves more deeply or deepen their spiritual understandings. 
Spiritual Exploration:
50 Minute Individual Session
90 Minute Individual Session
Spiritual Exploration Group
 1.5 hours  a week for 6 weeks (limited to 8 in each group)
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